Good Riddance 2007 and Welcome 2008

•January 7, 2008 • 1 Comment

First of all, I would like to welcome all my new readers. This is something new that I am trying out and hopefully it gives people a chance to get better connected with the inner bjam. As most of you probably already know I am one of the most outspoken individuals in the universe and this blog, in part will be a chance for me to talk about all issues, those personal and also political. This blog may sometimes not be for the faint of heart. With the introduction out of the way I’ll begin.

Before July 7, 2007 I could have easily just slept the rest of the year and waited for 2008 to hit and start completely fresh. The last year was easily the hardest year that I have personally had to deal with, if I had not met the amazing girl that I did it would have been much harder. I dealt with two deaths in my family (RIP grandma May and Uncle Duke) and I had surgery to remove a pilonidal cyst from my tailbone, and was out of school and work for almost three weeks. (This also kept me away from Jen for most of that time)

JEN, and an amazing relationship…

So who is Jen? I know most of you KNOW about her but there are some of you who have still yet to meet her.  I met Jen through work, she’s a lifeguard manager at the company that I work for. During the summer, I am her boss (not her direct one) so our relationship is technically not allowed by company policy, but do you think that would stop bjam? I know when I find something good, nothing else matters, and I just have to go for it. (And I did)

I’ll eventually write a blog, basically dedicated all to her, but for now I’ll give you the short story on her. She’s AMAZING, simply put. Never have I had a girlfriend that has been there to support me unconditionally and stood by me whether I have been right or wrong. We don’t just talk about pointless things when we are together, we talk about life, life choices, politics, and just everything that is happening in the world today. There is never any stoppage in our conversation, and that is truly one of the best things about it. We talk about everything, the good, the bad, and even the ugly.

It’s hard to find a girl that is the TOTAL package. I’m truly blessed to tell you that I have, and would not have it ANY other way. We have so many plans, and while it will be awhile before some can happen it is totally worth the wait and THEN SOME. She keeps me sane when the going gets tough, and she has never left my side during the tough times. She is also completely beautiful, and with her off the market all the other guys will have to settle for second best :-P.

What is up in the world of BJAM?

School will be starting back a week from tomorrow (January 7th) I am taking 16 credit hours next semester, and also trying to work 30 hours a week. Most of you will think this is crazy, but I am so completely ready to get out of College and get a job that pays well and even start on my Master’s degree.  As far as my gameplan goes I plan on attending San Jac for at least the Spring Semester and both Summer sessions and then from there I will probably be at University of Houston Fall 2008. If not, I’ll probably enroll at San Jac for one more semester.

For now, I’m still planning on entering the Global Energy Management (GEM) program at University of Houston. If you do not know what it is, look it up! Basically it is like Environment Economics.  After I graduate with my bachelors degree I will be guaranteed through this program to get a job in my field, with a starting salary of around $55,000 a year.

My plan from there kind of varies, it depends on where life takes me, but I know that I’m going to get my Master’s degree. Probably just an MBA, but where from remains to be determined. If it is from somewhere local, it will probably be A&M, UH, or UHCL.

I have recently started a lot of modifications on my Charger, my next one is installing the spoiler, which should be arriving within the next week I hope. Other then that, most of you see it all the time, so I won’t go into details.

Recently a few of my really good friends have picked up new rides!

Travis – Bought a 2008 GMC Sierra, titanium and color. Very nice looking truck.

Bryan – Bought a 2008 Silverado, titanium, nice truck with a V8.

Clay – Bought a used Mustang GT, not quite titanium colored, but close and looks very nice.

Chris – Bought a used Mistubishi Eclipse GT, almost the same color as my car.

All very nice buys! Now we all need to keep the modifications coming and start our own car/truck club. 🙂

Political Aspects… 

I’m pressed with a hard decision my fellow people, do I vote for Musharaff or Bhutto? Oh wait that’s Pakistan and Bhutto was assassinated.  Sad news for Pakistan because Bhutto was a world changer.

Currently, I’m leaning towards voting for Huckabee or Rudy Giulani, if neither of those two candidates get elected to represent the Republican party then my choice gets much harder. I’m a Republican by choice but I don’t have a problem voting democratic if the GOP candidates do not suit me.  To me, I guess it really does not matter as long as Hillary and Bill stay out of the White House.

What are your opinions? Who would you vote for if the Republican and/or Democratic Primaries were today? Let me know your thoughts and your stances…

In Conclusion… 

I hope this turns out to be something that is a good read, and maybe opens up communications between us, if we do not converse on a regular basis. Keep in mind that I speak my mind, so if something irks you about what I wrote, ask me about it and I will give you my unbiased thoughts on the matter.  I wish you all a happy 2008.

You know where to find me,

Brandon J.Miller (Bjam)    822007